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Receive Real Time Leads to Grow Your Business

Call 1-302-464-0470 or Signup online

Once signup you will be to manage your leads selection:

  • Set zip codes that you would like to receive leads from OR
  • You can set radius preference from your office address or zip code OR
  • Allow EmigrantPath recommend leads as long within 20 miles radius from your office.

Note: Once create a login; you will be able to add more selection criteria.

Why Ratings?

Leads Rating algorithm provides analytic view of the lead quality. The Algorithm has four components: The likelihood of the customer to respond or accept your call, likelihood to convert to a policy, expected premium and Life Time Value (LTV) of the policy. These components are combined together using optimization technique to derive Ratings. These Ratings are computed in real time.

What Rating Means

AAA Implies leads that are extremely likely to convert to a policy, they are 4.3 times likely to convert compared to C leads.
AA Implies leads that are 3.7 times likely to convert to a policy compared to C leads.
A Leads that are 2.9 times likely to convert to a policy compared to C leads.
BLeads that are 2.1 times likely to convert to a policy compared to C leads.
CThese leads require multiple follow up in order to convert to a policy. These customers are bargain hunters therefore they have low life time value (survival or renewal rate) and below average premium.